>be on vacation in Mexico with mom and gf
>get seawater in ear, ear infection develops
>gets bad
>like REALLY bad
>they think I’m just being dramatic, pissy and not wanting to do anything but eat aspirin and lie in the room
>wake up in the morning with pillow stuck to the side of my head
>peel it off, pillow covered in blood, hair matted with blood
>go to Mexican hospital
>specialist is called in on his day off
>goes into my ear with exploratory camera
>sees problem, it’s a mass of infected flesh resulting from damage to the ear canal from a previous infection and never healed right
>goes in with this little vacuum thing and camera and sucks it right the fuck out

I’m not exaggerating when I say it was THE single most amazing feeling l’ve ever felt. I literally said to my gf as we were walking out that that little Mexican man had just pleased me in ways you could never even hope to achieve. It was like $400 all said and done. 10/10 experience would recommend