Lately we've seen some people coming here after being banned from lemmy for wrong think.

We welcome you. Your opinion is allowed here, no matter what it is.

No one should be turned away because their way of life is some how less than a site admin believes is ok.

This is the attitude that has lead to the corporate big tech Oligarchs to believe they can rule over the masses. Tell them which opinion is ok.

Wolfballs is about destroying power not claiming more of it. We will only get more free as time goes on not less.

The goal of wolfballs is to become truly independent so we have no fear of retaliation from outside forces.

There is still a ways to go before we get there. Some things may be hidden from the front page if you aren't subscribed but other than that we generally allow all legal content.

Bans generally come from trying to trick admins not from opinions and are often reversed.

Welcome everyone, and I mean everyone.