I feel tangibly anxious when playing horror games so trying to understand how people who enjoy horror games do it.

To be fair, I feel anxious all the time. And the games that gives me the most anxiety are Dark Souls games and Bloodborne. Sekiro didn't make me feel that anxious. But I love the feeling of accomplishment that I get after beating a tough boss. That, and how satisfying the combat feels mechanically is why they are my favourite games of all time. In other games combat never feels this nice (eg. Fallen Order, Devil May Cry etc.)

I recently started Resident Evil Village and it doesn't feel rewarding at all to me. Even after beating some of the mini bosses in the beginning. Will still finish it though because I like to step on my balls.

I remember playing the PT demo when it was available on PS4 and one scene in particular made me lose my sleep that night.

People also say they love the atmosphere of Bloodborne. Why? It spooks the fuck out of me. I guess it is well executed in that respect but I find it repulsive because of how good it is.

Just wondering how other people think. I don't mean to imply that people who like these kinds of games are weird or something because I have no right to do that.