Tiktok is the worst app to have ever been created.

Tiktok culture is breeding a new age of Tiktok cringe. However Tiktok isn't just cringe, Tiktok is ruining society. Tiktoker's such as Charli D'Amelio and Bella Poarch are promoted because the Titok algorithm rewards hedonism. However, Tikok's design is also ruining generation z's attention span and destroying their short-term memory. But as Tiktok culture distracts you with Tiktok' cringe videos, you'll be to consumed to read Tiktok's privacy page which admits to sending all your data back to China's government, too notice. This is why Tiktok is cancer. Tiktok is a psychological weapon and we have to stop watching Tiktok videos/memes.Because Tiktok is destroying education.