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“Reddit is going scorched earth on anything that invalidates or merely questions the current progressive line for trans politics: ‘A trans person is who they say they are, you do not get to debate that.’

With controversies in the public sphere like the participation of trans athletes in sports, trans kids being given puberty blockers, drag shows, ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria,’ and so on, I believe it’s important for there to be a space to have discussions about these issues, and that might be tough for some people to deal with. But I believe in a marketplace of ideas, and trying to run a marketplace like a monopoly, saying that one idea must be affirmed before any discussion takes place, means that true discourse is dead. Reddit used to posture itself as a site for honest discussions, but in its hasty efforts to protect certain identities, has become an avenue for restrictions, and a place where a controversial opinion doesn’t get you downvoted, it gets you banned.”

Copied from exploding heads. Would be great if we can get these guys to the fediverse