Comment on Civic Nationalism vs Ethnic Nationalism

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We definally need a new social model structure

I would call it samism

Everyone is held to the

Give that method a go for 10 years to 20 years

Once women demand double standards offer a different method and it falls apart since they are biolgiically geared not to be held accountable

Then we offer Actual Patroracy and strip women of 'rights'

They go back their proper genetic gearing design by the realm creator

They have a proper role in society being single teachers or single career women from 20 to 35 isn't it it goes against genetic design and the biological desire of women

Women have a responsibility to keep the population going

They can be strong and indepant after the age of 45 They want to to work, educate or be alone once the 1-4-8 kids have left the nest

Without International Centralised Governance

Same with other races, without forced integration and forced acceptance

It all collapses since its only maintained with STATE FORCE with armed order enforcers, corrupt courts and central banking cartel

Without the Jewish and state interference they will need to fall back on

Human rights is an World Jewish weapon against whites and goyim

If anyone objectively looks at "HUMAN RIGHTS" it does NOT include Freedom of Speech Freedom of Self Defense + tools to enable this