Comment on After 10,000+ hours grinding, MapleStory's first level 300 player slams the brakes at 299.99 to rant about the MMO and then quit, all on a dev-promoted stream ⁨2⁩ ⁨months⁩ ago

MapleStory’s problems aren’t just the predatory MTX shit, which got so bad that they actually released a Reboot server that disabled a lot of this stuff, but just overall content bloat.

On top of the 5 core explorer classes (Magician, Thief, Warrior, Bowman and Pirate), there are Cygnus Knights versions of these classes, and 29 overpowered hero classes that are mostly based on the 5 aforementioned class groups

Big Bang streamlined the game excessively and ruined the overall flow of Victoria Island, making it vastly more linear. It also made Ossyria much higher levelled. Whereas for example you could probably survive in Aqua Road as a level 35, it now has a level 80 requirement. One of my characters is stuck near Ariant because they changed the second zone to be a 120 zone.