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Then that’s their fault, and not the installers.

Some tools are easier to learn than others, because of the nature of their design. If a tool was over-engineered and its alternative was perceived as more straightforward by the average user, the fault of why the former tool didn't sell well lies with the creators of said tool.

I didn't say the comparison was about useless languages-- why are you putting words in my mouth? An English speaking American could very well enrich their life by learning Spanish but if they chose not to for various reasons, this arrogant notion that they need to "learn how to learn" is just nonsense. I find it very weird that you assumed I was referring to "useless languages".

Most countries have more than one official language. For a country with say, two official (or unofficial but widely recognized) languages like the USA, the point here is that monolingual people don't need to "learn how to learn" simply because they're not bilingual.

It's funny, your response is exactly what I was talking about in another post about open source software developers' attitude when it comes to open source software that doesn't take off. That old Principal Skinner meme...

"Am I so out of touch??"

"No, it’s the users who are wrong."

When you said

Then that’s their fault, and not the installers.

I couldn't help but laugh because that's exactly the attitude I'm talking about.

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