Comment on How to make yourself more censorship resistant.

realcaseyrollins ⁨3⁩ ⁨years⁩ ago

  1. Thanks for this recommendation! I was looking for a good RSS reader for computers but I couldn't find one.

  2. Signal is not truly secure. Something like Session, Status, or Tox are WAY better options.

  3. Coinbase is centralized, closed source, and note secure. Do you know of better ways to buy crypto?

  4. But this would make you beholden to the VPS company. They can easily take you down, as Amazon did to Parler. Is this really wise? I've heard that self hosting is the move.

I'd also like to recommend moving from consuming media from YouTube to consuming it via RSS-feed-based podcasts. I use Podcast Addict for this.

For RSS feeds, I'm using a FOSS app called Aggregator.