Comment on My beliefs on LGBT rights

I'm kinda the same way. I don't think I have a right to tell two consenting adults what they can do with their bodies. If they want to stick a spoon up their butt and scream like a walrus it's their decision.

And I do think marriage should be between a man and woman and long term gay partners should just use another word. Like butt buddies. or Lilly licking queens. I don't care. Tax breaks should be equal under the law. I don't really think the government should have any say in marriage. It should be a church matter and not a state matter.

Just keep the gay shit away from my kids. I think society does better when it's a secret thing and not out in the open.

But on that note, guys and girls shouldn't be deep kissing in front of kids either.

I will not give a single penny to any company promoting gay lifestyles to kids.

Adults are fine though. LIke i'm not going to go to some gay underwear shop and tell them to stop selling gay shit. Seems like a waste of time.