This release includes support for lemmy v0.15.0 and lemmur is finally translation-ready!

Lemmy devs are kindly hosting lemmur translation strings on their Weblate instance. Feel free to contribute strings there, we regularly sync string changes with Weblate.

We wanted to make sure that all the efforts that went into translating Lemmy do not go to waste and thus we ported to our Weblate as many translations as we could (~130 strings).

We use flutter's native file format for translations: ARB, which itself uses the ICU message syntax. In most cases you will be able to deduce the syntax based on the source string. Here are 3 important examples:

1. Placeholders

Hello there {name}! - placeholders are put in a pair of braces, it will be later replaced with an appropriate value.

2. Plurals

You have {amount} new {amount, plural, =0{messages} =1{message} =2{messages} few{messages} many{messages} other{message}} - plurals are checked against their quantifier and provide 6 possible forms to choose from. In English this example does not make much sense, since we could just provide the =1{message} and other{messages} case. other case always has to be specified, it acts as a fallback.

3. Selects

I will take a {distance_name, select, close{bus} far{train} veryFar{plane}}. - selects allow for arbitrary matching against some predefined cases. All cases should be the same as in the source string.