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From a libertarian or Ancap perspective?

One for me is how many of your fellow citizens would sell you out as long as the state says your “bad”. People out here snitching on neighbors for having parties, not “social distancing”, opening up stores etc. I seen people BRAG about calling the cops on people for not wearing masks. It’s embarrassing. Luckily I live in Florida which has essentially been open up since The end of last may but it’s gotta be much harder for people in other places.

My favorite example was Last year when the idea of sports happening was up in the air. Whenever it felt like let’s the nfl or college season wasn’t going to happen I would hear this type of comment on one of those subs

“See the reason why we’re not gonna have football this year is because Americans are so stupid won’t listen and refused to wear masks. It’s all your fault”.

But sports did happen and those people were bitter the entire time while rooting for it to fail lol.

What are you biggest takeaways