The Democrat, leftist ballot strategy has one absolute, must have, ingredient: Floating ballots.

A floating ballot is the one that goes to 434 Prescott Street for Bill Jones. But the address is an apartment building, so it cannot be delivered because it does not indicate that Bill is Unit 34. That free-floating ballot is collected by someone – and eventually voted.

This happens in almost every state in about every multi-unit building. We saw it in many states in 2020 and 2022.

In 2022, innovative Republican candidates, a very few, mailed postcards to every voter in their congressional district. The cards that came back = NON-DELIVERABLE ADDRESS. They challenged ballots sent to these addresses, and perhaps they sent volunteers to find some of those accumulated ballots.

I had two hours to find at-scale phantom voters in one of the reddest states and present them to a group of 20 lawyers after my first cup of coffee the following morning.

It wasn’t hard.

Voters registered in prison. People voting from homeless shelters – for 20 years. (Homeless shelters do not have 20-year residents, don’t email me about this). Active voters in a frat house who were 106 years old, and a voter who was 1,900 years old who registered to vote, just before the 2020 election.

The response from this Republican secretary of state was complete denial. No matter how crazy the phantom’s address was – like a jail – he refused to concede there was any phantom inhabitation of his state’s voter rolls.

We now run about 20 states and they are all like this.

Phantom voter fraud is the heart and soul of ballot-harvesting election-stealing.