Using taxpayer dollars to fund “behavioral modification” propaganda games intended to make young people around the world view populist content online as being de facto “disinformation.”

Right away, this government-funded game establishes a moral framework in which complaining about wasteful spending by government elites – spending which comes at the expense of “improving city roads,” “objections of locals” and “our kids” — is framed as spreading disinformation.

It is almost as if the government is using the video game of Cat Park to get young people to subliminally believe that opposing the government is only done by disinformation purveyors.

How convenient for the government that this government-funded game has such a plot!

This reveal has the effect of making young people subtly associate social media posts expressing dissatisfaction with government with fraudulent, astroturfed billion-dollar operations — rather than genuine citizens mobilizing for reform of corrupt government practices.