"I chose the trad lifestyle because I believe that women have drifted far from our roots," Williams, who lives in Virginia with her husband Conner, told Insider. "For me, the hustle culture was not appealing. Being a wife, mom, making delicious home-cooked meals for my family, and keeping up a warm, inviting home is what truly spoke to me."

The lifestyle Williams chose and her eagerness to showcase it on the internet is part of a larger trend of American women making trad wife content. Portraying their lives as tranquil, aesthetically pleasing, and unburdened by paid work, trad wives position themselves as against hustle culture and burnout — offering a return to traditional roles as a solution to the overwork of women. The hashtag #tradwife has more than 96 million views, and thousands of users have incorporated some version of the term in their user name.

"I believe working is good for many women, but [working outside the home] is also the cause of burnout for mothers," Williams said. "I choose to promote this lifestyle to showcase the fulfillment this lifestyle gives."