Now let’s look at the consequences for those behaviors. Ask yourself, has anyone of substance been put behind bars? Clinton? Brennan? Comey? Stzrok? McCabe? Answer: No. In fact, most of them enjoy book deals, media appearances, the freedom to continue to lie on social media, and on and on. That’s because not a single one of them has ever had to suffer the painful consequences of their derelict behavior. What did we agree happens when bad behavior is rewarded? It continues.

One last point. Some argue that Durham is a stand-up guy who will get to the truth wherever the evidence leads him. Well, he does, in fact, appear to be doing that in many respects. He has exposed massive corruption. It is the kind of corruption that most of us would go to jail for. The discussion, however, is about accountability. Has he and/or will he put anyone in jail? Not yet.