Call me old-fashioned, but it remains crazy to me that this is even controversial. Even a decade ago, there would have been little question that you don’t punish teachers and students for choosing to adhere to reality and not “affirm” a transgender person’s “identity.” Yet, the transgender movement has grown more and more dictatorial, bolstered by a political party that is willing to say the water isn’t wet if they feel it will benefit them.

There are real safety concerns regarding letting boys use the same restrooms as girls. But you know what? Even if there weren’t any actual physical safety concerns at play, a girl should still have the right to go to the restroom with some expectation of privacy. I do not want a boy in the stall next to my daughter. Period. The left may call me a bigot, but ask me how much I care.

As to the pronoun thing, anyone who has paid attention to how that works knows how ludicrous it is. It’s not just a matter of mixing gendered pronouns anymore, which is bad enough. Rather, kids are calling themselves animals, inanimate objects, and other ridiculous made-up words and claiming that is their identity. No teacher could possibly keep up with such lunacy even if they wanted to.