It seems like a lot of the problems that the world faces are cultural, not economic

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Just made an unpopular opinion post that contained an actual unpopular opinion and guess what... 28 comments and 1 upvote.

You can check my post history, but basically what I was talking about was how I moved out as an 18 year old, and it actually wasn't as hard as a lot of the folks online like to make it out to be. According to them the only people that get to move out are privileged, and or lucky. Like I mentioned how I moved an hour away from where I grew up in search of better work, education, and cheaper housing, and I got one comment that said "Well its not the norm for an 18 year old to own a car, you are an outlier." Like they make it sound like my car just showed up in the driveway one day, and that I didn't put in 50 hour weeks all summer long as a 16 year old to put it in the driveway.

Basically, the argument came down to this. "A handful of kids have ultra abusive parents, horrible medical conditions, and live in downtown San Francisco.... Therefore we need Bernie Sanders, and anyone who doesn't face those issues above is just privileged and lucky. Oh and the Boomers are to blame for everything, and nothing is anyone's fault."

Like I have a massive amount of sympathy for people in those situations. I too had pretty shitty parents, and I think that it is a good thing for people to take care of others in those situations (voluntarily). There are youth shelters, but I also think that there are plenty of people who would let someone sleep on their couch for a month so they can save up for a security deposit for their own place. Not to mention in a true free market I genuinely believe one could survive working just 15 hours a week. I have no evidence of that because I have no parallel universe, but prices over the last 50 years have actually gone down compared to wages for everything but housing, healthcare, and education. if we got the government out of those three things we would be living in the garden of fucking Edan. Compared to the poorest 75% of people on earth, we actually already do live there.

Anyway, overall it just seems like we live in a culture where people don't want to take responsibility for their own life. I think that is why people are so willing to cozy up with authoritarianism. If nothing is your fault, and everything is just luck based, then yes it would make sense to take from the lucky and give to the unlucky. They don't want to live independently, or think independently. But thinking and producing have to happen, so they demand that an authoritarian comes and thinks and lives for them.

On a more positive note, I think we can change the culture. A lot of you act like this is impossible, but historically the enlightenment thinkers had many more obstacles than we do and they still pulled it off. I mean today everyone can read, and we have this awesome technology to spread our good ideas. I personally will try to fight evil ideas, rather than hiding away in a bunker to watch the world burn.