BuT ThE StaTe ProTek frOm WaR!

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Defenders of the state will use this as their trump card against you.
But is that really so?

99% of people involved in every war would wish nothing more than for both side's politicians to just get assassinated so it would all end.

War is the best example of government failure. It's not the evidence that we can't do without a government.

Do the thought experiment. If you had your choice in defense agencies, which kind would you pay for? The one that costs 10x the price and needs you to go over there with a gun to "defend yourself" or the one that costs 1/10th the price that just hires assassins to go deal with foreign instigators?

Imagine a world where the first people to die when a war starts are those at the top. How many wars do you think we'd have?