Processes such as in vitro fertilization and surrogacy may have started as a means to assist couples struggling with infertility but they’ve morphed into a multibillion-dollar industry that lets anyone and everyone who can afford it pay to create embryos, most of which will likely later be abandoned or discarded.

Among other issues, incentivizing the supply of gametes with money can lead to the normalization of deeming certain genetic traits and behaviors as favorable.

Sound familiar? That’s because that’s the same kind of thought that governed the Nazi party of Germany

Essentially anyone who wants to pay thousands of dollars for eggs and sperm to use in an IVF and possible surrogacy pregnancy can walk into a fertility clinic with a laundry list of physical features, health history, and behaviors they desire in a child and choose suppliers that they believe reflect those traits.

Data surrounding the effects of egg supplying, the physically and mentally strenuous screening processes suppliers must undergo, and pain that can include excessive bleeding, abdominal swelling, and discomfort, plus potential weight gain, nausea, infection, and problems urinating, which young women can experience after exchanging their eggs for payment. In some cases, that pain can lead to hospitalization and, in rare cases across the globe, death.