After last week saw widespread chaos breakout at parties in Italian lakeside towns near Lake Garda involving up to 2,000 migrants, the Italian public prosecutor’s office and the Italian Parliament have opened a number of investigations, including into one case where 30 migrant men allegedly sexually assaulted six teen girls on a train from Lake Garda to Milan.

The investigation also deals with violent incidents committed by some participants in a previous event in the town of Peschiera, a popular tourist destination. The Italian parliament will also be concurrently investigating the case and debating the incident that generated national headlines in the country.

On June 2, about 2,000 young people attended a massive party on the beach in Peschiera. The mayor of Castelnuovo. Giovanni Del Cero, was present during the rioting and said, “I tried to understand them, but they shouted absurd phrases, waving flags of various African countries,” reported the newspaper Corriere Della Sera. Witnesses also told Italian newspaper Il Giornale the crowd was “for the most part North African.”