I want to take a minute to respond to some of the accusations going around about MOB. Lets go through the list.

He is a race traitor

Debatable. But I don't care about this one.

He is a Kike

I'm mostly Irish and Scandinavian by dna test. I have no problems the children of Abraham and wish them the best.

He supports double standard- Ethno state for jews

Israel is a pretty diverse place (racially and ethnically) and it's small. I realize things are complicated and it does good and bad things from time to time. I actually never talk about that though so I'm not sure why it's brought up. This kinda leads us to the last point,

Race mixing

Anyone telling a white person they are not allowed to date a person who isn't a white person is advocating to limit the freedom of white people. This is taking the freedom away from white people (All people really). Denying someone the right to date who they want is an act of aggression against them. So yes people should be able to mix all they want. I have more thoughts on that, but it gets weird so i'll stop there.

...and open borders for Whites

I don't know about all whites. I only care about America. And my opinion on immigration is this (and you don't have to agree),

Ideally borders should be open. However it needs to be fair. For example people from many different countries can immigrate to America and become citizens. However it is almost impossible to do the same thing in the reverse. Many countries don't allow Americans to immigrate, buy property ect ect... It should be a two way street.

To put this in an economic example lets Take China. China bans Facebook, Amazon, instagram, twitter. Yet America doesn't ban weechat,aliexpress and all their apps. This creates an unfair advantage in the direction of China. The bans should go both ways or no way.

Now for the top one,

MOB doesn't support freespeech

aCtUaLlY, I set this site up to support freespeech where it was not free before.

When ruqqus went down I knew I wouldn't have any place to shit post vaccine memes.

I actually spend a lot of time and money promoting free speech platforms.

No I don't support Nazi's. However; I haven't banned a single person for being a nazi or saying Nazi things. Nor will I.

I have learned that people on the left use censorship very effectively.

They only allow sources they agree with and that changes opinion. When confronted they don't need to defend free speech. They say their sites aren't free speech. Then make bull shit excuses saying the sources they deleted are nazi, or what ever. It's all bull shit everyone here knows.

Those people who wish to take away our freedom build communities and use censorship to make a space where it is very comfortable to talk as long as it's stuff they want you to talk about. What I am saying is there is a use case for platforms that censor some stuff. We just need multiple instances so people can find places they align with. Wolfballs will stay open to everyone though. It will stay a free speech platform. I hate moderating. I hate deleting shit. I hope more instances pop up that are right of center and keep things respectful.

Folks on the extreme left have many platforms. But a majority of people are not extreme left.

MOB doesn't support the WyTe rAcE

This is silly. I support anyone who is willing to preserve freedom. I'm a populous, with somewhat libertarian and anarchist view points.

I understand as white people become a minority in more and more places we will experience problems. That is why I want to fight for free speech so we can continue to be able to express our (and other peoples) problems.