Here in Free Forum, I allow anyone to say anything, the brand speaks for itself, it is what it is. I am Wiggle Hard the Right Wing Nationalist Populist. Now Free Forum does not represent me, its a representation of the people within it. The beauty of free speech is that ideas can get floated around. We don't have to agree with one another. I can write a post about spaghetti and although lame AF people almost universally like spaghetti. On the other side of things, someone could write a post about social and racial issues and be on the opinion that whites need to be separate from blacks and that most blacks are retarded. Now in the community say there are ten people active. 1 will agree and up vote, 6 will just ignore the post entirely, the remaining 3 will have various reactions. One might be a person who's black and comes at the poster, one might be a person in a mixed relationship and leave another comment and the last just finds that train of thought to be ignorant snd disgusting. No one is wrong in my opinion for voicing these thoughts from the poster to the people replying. And that's the beauty of Free Forums free speech policies. As long as people aren't advocating for violence, suggesting they are hurting people or planning to hurt people or that a group of people would be better off genocided (cz that also can be interpreted as advocating for violence) [side note: the patriot Act is very precise in explaining what is acceptable speech online] Then I'll allow it. My point is, free forum is a representation of the people, don't be mad at me or mad at others if no one like your content, that's on you, also, don't be mad at me for allowing such content that some may find controversial or edgy, I'm just living off of principle, it's up to you, if you feel it necessary to battle the ideologies that you disagree with and this begins the battle of ideology and social engineering or social conditioning. Remember Free Forum is a boat that I give you to steer, Im the captain of the ship and all I do is just make sure we are within legality of online speech under already existing laws made by the USA government. I give credit to MOB for allowing me to run Free Forum as I see fit. That being said MOB is his own person with strong opinions on various subjects and I respect that. For him with his opinions being as they are, it shows strength that he hasn't lost his shit and gone on a ban spree throughout the site. For that I give him credit and due respect, also as a developer he is great in that he cares a lot about this project (wolf balls) and he is constantly working to make it better. Look at votal, goat pen, ruqqus. They all sucked balls and fell apart in the end due to lack of web maintenance by devs, long picture upload times, and general lag. Honestly we all should be grateful to MOB for allowing Free Forum to be here and also for making his website run smoothly