Comment on What Is To Be Thought of "House Husbands"?

Male House Husbands doesn't work because it goes against the way females are genetically geared

Women ALWAYS Want


NONE of them are happy with a SHORTER male

NONE of them are happy with a at home male

and ALL women can divorce rap3 men face ZERO CONQUENCES and be rewarded by the state

They will monkey branch if society, community , family and the SYSTEM allows and rewards them for doing it

Women are not loyal to family, community, race, nation or MEN

Better question is

If males can

Why do we 'need' a female anymore

If you have the THIRST goto the brothel once a month/2/3 months

Everything can be done via corporations, renting, machines, best mates

Once you remove the THIRST and idenity around simpage and marriage you will find 99% of your needs are meet outside of women and marriage


Just like statism

Yet to find a single region willing to address

Look at the populations actually ABOVE population replacement

All use patroracy

Both ISLAM And regjous Jews are failing because they have the state giving women 'rights' and 'equality' thus removing male authority

Amish will survive without

As long as they are willing to build a wall and bear arms for self defense during 2025-2030-2035 and ongoing

Males and Females are NOT EQUAL

Non whites and whites are NOT EQUAL

Equality relys on denial of truth, genetics and traits and state force to hide the truth and keep the SHAM GOING