Comment on Civic Nationalism vs Ethnic Nationalism

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What has conservatism actually conserved , if anything ?

All these 'rights' are weapons to destroy out

Neo Conservatism is created by Zionist Jews

All statism is slavery

The ONLY system I see that would work is a legal binding contract with marriage with clear definitions and real consequences for divorce

Contact between male, female , family and community

Even American studies ADMIT that the most common way for women to get rich is DIVORCING MEN

Also the UN admits that the LONGER you 'educate' women the lower the birth rate thus the push for 'higher' 'education and women getting a 'carreer'

its all based on STATE forced Egalitarianism , which ALWAYS has to deny the REALITY, Common trends and Biolgical make up of different groups

Also Multi Culturalism aka Multi RACISLISM relys on the State System courts Police

Hard enforcing, covering up and hiding the truth about different groups and refusing to hold all groups to the same EXACT standard, punishment and sentencing

Even Korea and Chinese governments refuse to hold women accountable and pander to simping and female nature